The structure of chalet Montanum was built into the hillside of an area known as Les Brigues at the 1550 altitude of Courchevel. The complex has a beautiful view of the French Alps from all three levels, accesses the piste at 300 meters, and affords a hidden private parking. The building is divided into two exactly equal units, one, which was sold, and the other decorated by the team at Bumper Investments. It is called Montanum.

In construction, Bumper’s executives chose to wrap the two chalets’ exteriors in recuperated wood from local mountain homes that were either planned to be razed or had been abandoned. The same wood was used was used to dress the interior of Montanum, expressing the continuity of the brilliant colors and shades that define the façade’s visual language.

The interior is a contemporary interpretation of the classic “chalet”. Designer chairs, couches and pillows confer sophistication on the idyllic warmth and comfort originally sought after by the mountain savvy. The top floor’s open plan is expressed in uncommon earthy greens, reds and browns all catalyzed by the moss covered rocks, clustered tree tops, and varying light of a day in the mountains. A kitchen finished with an exquisite Italian marble and a chimney in corten-red oxidized iron unite these tones and complete the essence of this upper volume.

Special considerations were taken for each of the four bedrooms – three of which including the master are on the second floor. The final bedroom is a suite on the ground floor. The consistencies between each are their ample closet space, wooden window panes, individual bathrooms while their stylistic differences play out in the use of individual dimensions and the details dedicated to lighting fixtures, one-of-a-kind benches, luxurious drapes, and custom headboards veiled in printed fabric.  

Overall the interior is meant to impart a sense of understated luxury – at once fulfilling the image of the iconic mountain “chalet” while remaining elegant, modern and stylish. All decorative objects and materials were hand chosen from different countries including Belgium, Canada, Italy, Holland, Japan and of course France.